Aquidneck Island Striper Team


 AIST  Our Jan calender has one event left.. this Sat  (Jan 24th) is the annual awards dinner.  Appetizers start at 5 pm...  

Jan banquet is the 24th what a night.. will features terrific food,  awards, raffles,, and top prize of anglers choice of a Crafty one Custom Rod/avet reel combo...    Just Added a Sarragosa 10000, to the mix as well...  Also Ice fishing rod reel combo.  striper plugs, ASIT apparel,  Bomber gear.    And a catered dinner beginning with Apps at 5 pm. 





 Decembers meeting...




Capt Blaine returned to AIST and spoke on light tackle Bass fishing and brought Bomber gear and tackle for the raffle table... . 


Toy Drive drive donations to the local Portsmouth PD Toy Drive...  




Thanks to the local vendors who came by     Crafty One Customs... now offering 20% off until Chrstmas for AIST members


 BJ Silvia Flippin out fluke Rigs... Black fish and Sea Bass.. 




 Blaine with a light tackle Bomber Bass..  







  AIST's Capt BJ Silvia with a monster Nov Tog.

What a day on the water for our members...   From the first drop to the last fish, good times, plenty of laughs and fish coming over the rails.   None of us will likely ever look at braid tangles the same again.. or a 400' plus drop either...  350' seems shallow now  

AIST 2014 Pollock King Tim Dahler  


Happy Anglers...  



Capt John's snack girl and the AIST Crew heading to the fishing grounds.  


Some of AIST's finest.. 


A good days catch....

Who say's the guys from Jersey can't catch?   





Our October Meeting is coming up.. OCT 15th  We will have Pollock trip signups, review the results from our survey monkey and tournament standings along with setting the agenda for the coming year..     



Striper Cup   AIST finished 4th... 





Thanks to all who supported our teams signature summer  event.  


                                  stripercup logo thumb Striper Cup 

... AI Striper Team/Humingbird. 





 Congrats to Kurt Rivard!! AIST VP




Mike Little Field with our #1  Top weight bass  and Shawn Hayes Costello with our # 6 Bass  


   Joe "Turtle" Latinville with another 50 on the board  and our #2 weight Bass




 Chad with our top 45 lb shore fish!!!!



Scott Demi with our #4  Bass

Chip Parker  puts a 44 on the board..

                          The Blind Squirrel with a 42.

 Captain BJ Silvia  35lb Surf = 42 points


Jackson  With a hoss

Dale, Harry and Ted

AIST VP KURT RIVARD with a  terrific bass..



                     Eric Chappell  with a monster

11.90 lb AIST all Record Fluke



May meeting speakers Gisele.... 



 Richard ...


Leadfest 2014


AIST  announces our April Speaker

 Tony Stetzko

Yes ..... Tony Stetzko!!!    We just had a speaker who landed a 70 lber from a boat....pretty darn good but how about one that has  landed a 70 from the Surf!!!   Its a feat so rare that perhaps only 3 or 4 guys alive have done it.... come here from a true Surf specialist and one time  (and many think current)owner of the World Record title "Largest Surf  caught Striped Bass in the World."    


Along with catching giant Stripers Tony is known for being the King of the teaser/dropper  loop set up surf.    He fishes it to perfection and has really brought it to mainstream surf fishing.   

Come out hear Tony.... get signed up for the Striper Cup and be part of AIST!!  

Team  Survey....  please click on this link and follow it to the club survey


Please just respond once  per member...


 April means this is the last team meeting before the Striper Cup starts.. Can you believe it!!  The Season is right around the corner...


April's meeting will have the Striper Cup guys from "On The Water" at our meeting to help with last minute signups for the team. 

Also besides our our April 16th meeting We will be having leadfest at the end of the month... so get ready to enjoy some heavy metal with your team.   




Thanks to Captain Blaine Anderson for his terrific presentation on Striped Bass Fishing with Live Bait.

Capt Anderson with an enormous LI Sound Striper from 2012.





 Huge thanks to Captain Jack Sprengel for bringing his "Off Shore Sharking" presentation to AIST.   Few speakers can match his combination of technical proficiency and enthusiasm for sport fishing and this presentation was no different.  




The Annual Awards dinner was held Sat night!!  

Very Happy Hour began at 5pm and the rest was History.....      














Congrats to our elected officers for the 2014 fishing season .   Corey Smith President, Kurt Rivard VP, Phil Ducket Treasurer.



Want to get the most out of your AIST membership?   Sign up today for one of our Committees.  Committee membership is a great way to get involved and make the part of AIST you like the most even better!    

Join your fellow AIST members who have already signed up for the following committees. 

Don't see a committee that interests you?  Come to our next meeting and request to form a new committee. 

Members currently signed up are...


Richard Laurie (Chairman), Marc Pacheco, Eric Thomas, BJ Silvia, Greg Vespe  

Stars & Stripers Tournament

Ted Zack, Greg Vespe, Nick Pacheco, Craig Borden, Jay Leadsworth, Jay Vigeant

Season-Long AIST Fish Tournament

Nick Pacheco, Art Marshall, Craig Ruth,  Harry Livingston, TJ Houde, Greg Vespe, Ryan Pimental.

SSG Potts Tournament

Ralph Craft, Nick Pacheco, Craig Borden Harry Livingston, Muldog, Kyle Pfantz,  Mark Pachico, Jay Leadsworth, Ray Allard, BJ Silvia



The Aquidneck Island Striper Team is now an Official Member of the IGFA.

There are multiple benefits available to AIST members, the most important of which is the ability to post world records to the IGFA! Now, there's nothing holding you back from an official world record!

Please click on the logo below to go directly to the IGFA website.



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