Aquidneck Island Striper Team


 AIST Leadfest Is this Sat at 283 1/2 Bristol Ferry Rd Portsmouth RI.  It will be held at Dale Harkin's workshop.  Parking is in filed in front of shop.  Wear heavy work boots.  Bring heavy gloves not garden gloves.  We have some respirators and masks.  Eye protection is strongly recommended... cant catch fish if you cant see them.   For those new to leadfest... it is a free event for tram members and features 3 main phases....melting and pouring lead into sinkers of your choice and jigs of many styles.  Second is melting and pouring plastic into slugo or hoagy style or shrimp teasers... after you pick the style and color options. third is power coating the jigs into colors of your choice.  We will have ovens and powder coat systems with instructors for all three phases.   Come watch learn help and have fun... bring food and drinks along with lead if you can..... Pour ON!!   Sat starts at 10:00 am. 

Want to get the most out of your AIST membership?   Sign up today for one of our Committees.  Committee membership is a great way to get involved and make the part of AIST you like the most even better!    

Join your fellow AIST members who have already signed up for the following committees. 

Don't see a committee that interests you?  Come to our next meeting and request to form a new committee. 

Members currently signed up are...


Richard Laurie (Chairman), Marc Pachico, Eric Thomas, BJ Silvia, Greg Vespe  

Stars & Stripers Tournament

BJ Silvia, Chip Parker Larry Rainey, Corey Smith Kurt Rivard.

Season-Long AIST Fish Tournament

Craig Ruth,  Harry Livingston, TJ Houde, Greg Vespe, Ryan Pimental.  Corey Smith, Kurt Rivard Mark Pachico

SSG Potts Tournament

Ralph Craft, Nick Pacheco, Craig Borden Harry Livingston, Muldog, Kyle Pfantz,  Mark Pachico, Jay Leadsworth, Ray Allard, BJ Silvia



The Aquidneck Island Striper Team is now an Official Member of the IGFA.

There are multiple benefits available to AIST members, the most important of which is the ability to post world records to the IGFA! Now, there's nothing holding you back from an official world record!

Please click on the logo below to go directly to the IGFA website.



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